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Merging indoor and outdoor spaces: redefining the freshness of life

There has been a growing trend in recent years to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Many people are striving to experience the presence of nature in their living spaces and integrate it into their everyday environment. This process has many positive effects on both quality of life and workplace productivity, and offers additional benefits for restaurants, offices and community spaces. In this article, we explore why it is good to mix indoor and outdoor spaces, how to bring the outdoors into indoor spaces, and how the Covid-19 epidemic has transformed our approach to nature.

The freshness of life outdoors

For centuries, humans have lived and worked in nature. In recent decades, however, we have become increasingly removed from the natural environment in which humanity evolved. Returning to nature and incorporating it into our interiors allows us to experience fresh air, sunshine and green surroundings again. This improves our quality of life, reduces our stress levels, increases our creativity and well-being.

Transforming restaurants, offices and community spaces

Increasingly, the design of public spaces is taking into account the need to link the outdoor environment with the indoor environment. For example, restaurants can create patios or courtyards where guests can not only enjoy their meals outdoors, but also the comfort and ergonomics of the interior. In offices, it is possible to create areas where employees can meet outdoors or even relax and unwind in green spaces, where they can work in the fresh air. When creating modern and people-centred workspaces, it is important to find the right furniture for both indoor and outdoor use, which can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Our relationship with nature is being transformed by Covid

The Covid-19 epidemic has fundamentally changed the way we relate to the world and the way we live our daily lives. People spent long periods of time indoors, minimizing their outdoor activities. However, this restriction has also had a positive effect: we have learned to appreciate the pleasure of being in nature. People have increased their desire to be outdoors, in forests and parks, and have realised the importance of a healthy and long-term sustainable environment. This realisation further strengthened the integration of nature into interior spaces.


The blurring of the boundary between indoors and outdoors has many benefits for all of us today. It allows us to experience the freshness of life, improves our quality of life and work environment, and allows us to reconnect with nature, creating a freer and more inspiring atmosphere.

As we move forward into the future, it is important that we continue to support and develop this integration, so that we can live an even more fulfilling and balanced life in harmony with the power and beauty of nature. At Econor Design, our main objective is to clean up and renew the environment with our furniture made from recycled foam, we are working hard to develop our hybrid furniture, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use! For more information please contact us at!